Our Katahdin


We have:

- Katahdin Sheep
- Dorper / Katahdin Cross

Here on the ranch are sheep/lambs are beautiful, extremely hardy, very fertile:

• Well Proportioned • Excellent Conformation
• Have Black head and white body (Dorper) or are completly white (White Dorper) • Nice size - Mature ewes average 130 pounds
• Meat is lean, heavily muscled hind quarters.
• Nonselective grazers • More meat, less wool/fleeces
• Nice size - lamb ewes weigh 50 - 70 lb or more at 100 days of age. THIS IS ON GRASS ALONE. • Internal and external parasite tolerance
• Meat is lean, heavily muscled hind quarters.

We have a breeding program that emphasizes even, balanced performance data, correct conformation, a type A hair coat, strong maternal traits, and lambing without assistance.

If you're looking for better maternal traits and an easy keeper sheep that doesn't require shearing, the Katahdin is definitely the breed for you.

Our program is pasture-based and our ewes receive no grain during gestation. We provide high-quality hay and free-choice mineral during pregnancy and have had minimal problems with toxemia.

Lamb Lamb Lamb Lamb Lamb

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